Management and System Designs and Plans:

We provide business consulting regarding management best practices, value innovation, and engineering methodologies that promote business profitability and improved services. This directly improves on the design and planning phases of our client’s projects. Our Design and Planning Service includes:

  • Integration of Industry Best Practices into Management and Operation Activities
  • Integration and effective use of Roadmaps and Critical Paths
  • Alignment of Business Needs and Performance Improvement Consulting
  • Requirement Management Planning and Support
  • Information Security and Risk Management Plans
  • Project, Test, Training, Quality, Communication, Risk, and Change Plans
  • Service Catalog Improvements
  • Technical, Preliminary Design and Critical Design Reviews and Audit Assistance
  • Audit Planning
  • Guidance with Project Definition, Design, Execution, and Control
  • Guidance for Complete, Achievable, and Defined Project Timelines
  • New Tasks and Activities Implementation Plans
  • Instruction regarding Risk Management and mitigation
  • Formal Decision Analysis Reports and Trade Studies
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