What Makes Us Different:

ACS understands the “Bottom Line” and aligns the “Vision” with expectations for critical value & performance!!!

Knowledge - Certified Subject Matter Experts

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) for Project Management Reliability and Cost Effectiveness
  • Capability Maturity Model Index (CMMI) for the comparison of Industry Based Knowledge
  • Information and Cyber Security for Vulnerability Risk Management, Continuous Monitoring and Increased System Security
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for Industry Best Practices and Service Repeatability
  • Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (CoBiT) for Business Lessons Learned
  • 6Sigma Quality and Performance (99.99%) for repeatable, measured quality that facilitates improvement

Experience - Ready and Available EXPERIENCE

  • Our Experienced SME's Work “Shoulder To Shoulder" With Your Managers for improved results, cost savings, project collaboration, client buy-in, and improved collaboration
  • Our Subject Matter Experts Are "Ready To Go" for quick results
  • Experienced in working in Diverse Locations with Diverse Cultures
  • Our SME’s mentor “as we go” so our changes are long lasting
  • Our One-on-One Mentoring builds your manager’s self confidence in unfamiliar areas that enables sustained performance and self reliance
  • All Deliverables Are Supported By Experienced Professionals and Lessons Learned From Value Innovation and Best Practices

Leadership – Experienced and Certified Project Managers that Lead and Manage

  • Experienced Leaders in both Government and Industry Project Management
  • Leadership that has met the Needs and Concerns of both Large and Small Teams
  • Many awards for sustained superior performance, excellence and sustainable results

Success - Our Team Members Have OVER 20 Years of Satisfied Clients and Proven Success That Exceeds Expectations

  • Successfully solved Governance Issues and Technical Issues
  • Success Stories that include Schedule and Cost Improvements that were Measured + 25%
  • Success and Solutions that are Tailored To Your Needs - "One Size DOES NOT FIT ALL"
  • All Deliverables Are Based On Client Operational and Sustainment VALUE Analysis