Four Phases of Value Innovation:

Our proven program and service management approach uses four phases of shoulder-to-shoulder assistance that finds opportunities for improvement. During the initial phases, we at ACS, using our industry, DoD and large U.S. Agency hands-on experience, pinpoint where your gaps exist and discuss with your managers how to address them. We recognize that change is sometimes culturally difficult. During the Adoption Phase, we assist with any stakeholder resistance to ensure changes are fully effective and lasting. Our Value innovative approach includes:

4 phases of value innovation

Four Phases of Success using Value innovation (mouse over image to enlarge)

Your Next Success Story

Our managers can take your most challenging problems or concerns and make them your next success stories. Using our unique experience and familiarity with various program and service management techniques, Absolute Consulting Solutions recommends and then assists in the integration of specific improvements that result in customer satisfaction and greater cost and resource savings. Recommendations are discussed in detail with our client’s own managers to achieve buy-in and confidence.

fig 3

Experienced Professionals Working Shoulder to Shoulder