Our Approach:
Project Management

Reductions to and competition for available funds today requires us to view that resource and cost wastes are unacceptable. Our projects should be run "on purpose" as activities without purpose add risk and cost to the organization. Your organization is ultimately related to many projects and tasks that produce products or services for profit or charity. Projects have distinct and important phases that are sequential; these project phases’ success or failure directly impacts on profits and ultimately the success of the organization.

ACS identifies efficiencies, unwanted risks and wasted resources within industry, government or the DoD using value innovation and various approaches: Project Management, Six Sigma, ITIL, Capability Maturity Models, Risk Management, Earned Value and others. We at Absolute Consulting Solutions, LLC have years of hands-on experience and make these approaches available to you.

Our team has successfully implemented many tools and improvements that put the pieces together to define strategic vision, improve management and leadership, and improve tactical efficiencies. In this process, profits and cost savings are improved. We will work with you and your clients’ to assess your organization, your products and services, how these can be improved, and then stay with you to ensure improvements are implemented successfully. The Absolute Team uses the Project Management Book of Knowledge as our own industry standard to ensure both our own and our client’s success.


Absolute Consulting Solutions, LLC Program Management Lifecycle